Welcome to Blue Skies DesignPersonalize your TV with Tweeders

With Rallypoint, your TV and Internet video viewing experience becomes completely personalized with “Tweeders” – powerful feature-packed widgets that are blended with full-screen video. Unlike web sites or desktop applications, Tweeders are used while watching live broadcast, web streams or downloaded video. Tweeders are movable and resizable, and you can adjust the transparency levels at any time. You can even choose different themes for your Tweeders, and create Tweeder “playlists” to share with your friends.


How Do I get Tweeders?

Getting Tweeders is simple. First, you need to sign up with MyRallypoint, select your interests, and then pick your Tweeders. When you sign up, you need to tell us what platforms you use – a PC, set-top box, or Internet-enabled TV. It’s quick, it’s easy, and don’t worry – we provide all the right instructions to get up and running without any hassles.


What Video Can I Watch with Rallypoint?

Anything you can find! Depending on your individual configuration, you can use Rallypoint with your current cable or satellite subscription, your personal video collection, video web sites like YouTube, and streaming video from the Internet. Not enough? Just use our video search Tweeders to find new and interesting videos from a variety of sources.


Join the Beta Program

If you would like to join our Beta Program, please click here to send us an email.