In 2006, entertainment-based “social networking” reached the mainstream. Online video sharing and fantasy sports usage soared. Broadcast programs like American Idol generated more votes than the presidential election, yet broadcasters scramble to keep their shows relevant through user-generated blogs and chat rooms.

Rallypoint was formed to meet this demand by defining a bold new way to take information and interactivity from the Internet and deliver it to the television instantly, on demand, at the press of the remote.


Advisory Team

Susanne Estrada - Product Launch Specialist, Netscape, Palm, Apple

Doug Evans - CEO, Dotcast/Moviebeam (sold to Disney)

Leigh Steinberg - NFL Sports Agent and Sports Authority

Jeremy Toeman – convergence product marketing specialist (formerly at Sling Media)

Matt Trifiro - Co-founder, Wink Communications (sold to Liberty Media)

Rex Wong - CEO, DAVE.TV (sold Applied Semantics to Google)


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