Welcome to Blue Skies DesignMulti-tasking on your Big Screen TV

Rallypoint is a new company that delivers the ultimate personalized TV experience. Imagine watching the big game with a friend who lives a thousand miles away and chatting, seeing stats, making friendly bets, playing trivia games and managing your fantasy teams – without having to change the channel. Imagine watching your favorite reality show with millions of other fans – and logging your vote, voicing your opinions, and monitoring audience reaction instantly – without ever missing a scene. Imagine watching all your television shows – while also managing your eBay auctions, receiving important calendar notifications, and researching current events – all without needing to pick up your laptop.


Social TV

The Rallypoint experience is more than “interactive TV” and it’s not just “social networking.” It’s somewhere between using your TV for everyday computer tasks and a full-blown TV party! With Rallypoint, you no longer need to go to your computer just to complete simple Internet tasks. Now, you can do it all using a simple TV remote control.